Fun and Informative Drum Lessons in Orange County


"Chris, I just wanted to pass on my gratitude to you for all the progress we have made the last few months. Your guidance has given me the inspiration and a belief that I can be a very good drummer. I like your overall approach to teaching drumming skills. I especially like how you break the instruction down into smaller pieces to make things easier to learn. Thanks again and please feel free to use me as a reference as I would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone that is interested in learning how to play the drums." Sincerely, JK - Newport Beach, CA

JK Jamming at Steamers
"I have been playing drums and music for close to 10 years, with lots of live playing experience. With that being said, I knew there were a lot of holes to fill in for my playing and especially my practicing/discipline. I also wanted to study jazz. Chris is a patient, flexible, and talented musician and drummer and knows how to keep the lessons fun and interesting. He knows how to design the perfect lesson tailored to each students' needs, and did I mention that he is also an incredible drummer and jazz player himself?! I am eternally grateful to have found Chris as a teacher and wholeheartedly recommend him to any and all levels of drummer or aspiring drummer". Robert C.  Anaheim, CA

"I had a wonderful experience taking lessons from Chris Lemp at his Dynamic Drum School. "Dynamic" is really the word! Though I've been playing for 20 years, I wanted to work on the basics, and Chris expertly developed an approach tailored to fit my needs. The materials and exercises he introduced me to have proved invaluable, and his teaching style is affable and relaxed -- good for beginners or advanced players. Highly recommended!​" Ben Richardson, Los Angeles, CA

​"My son has been taking drum lessons with Chris for over two years. He really loves it. I don't have to beg him to practice, he always does it on his own. Chris always is fun and so positive with my son. He is a really great role model for young kids. You can tell he really loves to teach. I would highly recommend him to anyone." Elizabeth Peters, Irvine, CA

"​I used to be a working drummer, but had a couple kids and had to stop drumming for over 10 years. Now the kids are getting older and I wanted to get back into it. I was looking for a teacher that had a lot of experience with jazz drumming and also other styles. Chris studied with three of my favorite drummers; Joe Morello, John Riley and Alan Dawson. It is a little frustrating getting back into drumming. I can't play things that I used to be able to. Chris has amazing patience and he keeps me focused and positive in the process. His knowledge about jazz drumming is really great and I am glad I found him." John Cantor, Irvine, CA

"My daughter Kayleen is 11 years old.  She's been taking lessons for the past few months with Chris.  Each time I take her to class I feel at ease, knowing that she's in good hands. I love to hear her play the drums with him and hear her laughter and joy.  Chris has found the most amazing techniques to teach our daughter, he realized that she is very visual and he came up with a way to compliment her style of learning.  I recommend him to any parents, as I have seen first hand how good he is with kids. He finds a way to work with each child, so they can learn to love music." Siri A. Irvine, CA

"Chris was my son's first drum teacher in NY before Chris moved to CA. He gave him the passion and the will, to learn both the music theory and how to master the rudiments. Chris also prepared him perfectly for the NYSSMA test, allowing him to get a high score. He also helped my son listen and break down songs that he liked, letting him learn in a fun way to perfectly recreate the songs he loves. His patience and his professionalism have made Chris the best drum teacher my son has had to this day". Magali A - Larchmont NY

”My son has been studying with Chris for over 2 years and he loves the lessons. Chris makes the lessons fun for my son and he is very patient.”
Susan H. — Mother of Student

“I always wanted to play the drums growing up, but my parents thought the drums were to loud. So, now that I am an adult (62) I decided to take up drum lessons. I found Chris on the internet and have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons over the past year and a half. I can now play along to my favorite records by Dave Brubeck and Miles Davis. Thanks Chris.”
John C. — Adult Student

“Our daughter was 5 and very shy when she started taking lessons with Chris. We thought she might be too young, but after 3 years with Chris, we are so happy she started when she did. She has become much more outgoing and her confidence level has grown as well. I really think Chris’ positive reinforcement and patience has been an important factor in the change.”
Samantha T. — Mother of Student

”Our son had been struggling in school with Math when he started with Chris. After a year of studying with him our son’s scores have continued to improve. Chris really stresses counting and rhythm and it really seems to help.“
Frank W. — Father of Student

"My 14 year old daughter has played the drums for years in our church. She has learned the drums by ear, but really wanted to get better and learn how to read music and learn how to play different styles. We are so happy we found the Dynamic Drum School. Chris has taught our daughter how to read music and how to play jazz and Latin beats. She has learned so much and gained so much confidence. Plus, she loves going to lessons every week."
Melissa T. — Mother of Student

"Thinking of taking drum lessons with Chris? My sentiments are simple: do it! He is a fantastic teacher, very engaged and supportive. His style is very adaptive to what ever style you would like to learn. I have enjoyed my lessons with Chris for 3 years now and I look forward to
the lesson each week knowing I will be inspired and excited to practice after the lesson."
Linda A. — Adult Student

"I highly recommend taking drum lessons at the Dynamic Drum School. I have three sons that take lessons with Chris. My oldest son started when he was 7 years old and he is 11 now. My other son's tried other instruments and didn't really like their lessons. They saw how much fun the lessons are with Chris and wanted to start drum lessons with him. We have recommended Chris to so many of our friends. He is so supportive and patient and really makes the lessons fun."
Harry S. — Father of Student