Fun and Informative Drum Lessons in Orange County


Picking the right drum teacher for you or your child is very important. This is a list of some helpful questions to ask before you hire a drum teacher. 

Are the drums the teachers main instrument?  A lot of music teaching companies and schools want to hire teachers that teach multiple instruments because they can hire less teachers that way. Some teachers that teach multiple instruments can only play and teach the drums at a beginner level. Don't you want to hire someone that is an expert and a specialist in their field? If you need to hire a mechanic to fix your transmission, you would hire a transmission specialist not an auto body specialist, Right? Yes, they are both in the same general field and the auto body specialist might know a little bit about what to do, but they do not have the same experience as someone that specializes in transmissions. I also play a little piano and bass, but I don't feel I am qualified to teach those instruments because I can only teach them at a beginning level. Because I can’t play those instruments at a high level, I have not learned and therefore can not teach the important nuances of each instrument. It is best to start with a teacher that can play and teach at an advanced level, that way you or your child won’t learn any bad habits or learn an incorrect way to play the drums. If you knew that the drums was not a teachers main instrument or that the teacher had only taught a few drum students, would you want to be charged the same rate as someone with many years of experience?

Do they have a degree majoring in the drums or percussion? Some teachers may have a degree with the guitar or piano, etc...but not the drums.

How long has the teacher been teaching the drums? After you have established that the drums are their main instrument, find out how many years the teacher has been teaching the drums? They might have 6 years experience teaching another instrument, but only one year teaching drums. 

What age student do they have experience teaching? Do they have experience teaching the age group your son or daughter is in? Teaching a 5 or 6 year old is quite different than teaching a 12 year old, versus a 16 year old or an adult, etc. 

How many students have they taught in that age group? If they have taught zero or only one or two, you probably want to find a teacher that has more experience.

Do they have professional performing experience playing the drums? Having performing experience is very important, but teaching experience is the most important. You ultimately would like to find a teacher that has both. You are hiring a teacher, not a performer. Not all performers are great teachers that can break things down in a simple way so you can understand.

Does the teacher have experience teaching the style you or your son or daughter want to learn? It is best to find a teacher that can teach many styles. 

Is the teacher professional, a good role model, have passion for teaching, love people, have patience, make the lessons fun, come to each lesson prepared?

Ask for references and to see a resume to verify their background and experience.

The more questions you ask, the better you will get to know the teacher and their background. If you are talking to a school or store, make sure you ask all these questions and know who the actual teacher is that is going to teach you or your son or daughter. A lot of these places have great sales people that can really sell their program and not really tell you the important things you need to know to make the best choice.