Fun and Informative Drum Lessons in Orange County

Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, I strive to inspire in my students a love and appreciation for music through dedication, discipline and, most importantly, fun. A very patient teacher, I connect easily with students of all ages. I really love to teach and still take lessons myself to keep learning the latest drumming techniques and to keep my curriculum new and exciting for my students. I am trained in many styles of music including rock, blues, jazz, gospel, rock, funk, Brazilian, and Cuban. I create an individual lesson plan for every student that is focused on the student's interests as well as short and long term goals. I feel tremendously fortunate to be able to share my love of music and drumming with my students. What better job could I possibly have then teaching students the best and most fun instrument in the world.

The BenEfits of Drumming

The drum is the oldest instrument (besides the voice) and has been an integral part of cultures from around the world for thousands of years. Throughout the centuries the drum has been used for many purposes including spiritual and ceremonial gatherings, celebrations, parties and dance. Studying the drums can improve concentration, eye hand coordination, math skills, discipline, confidence and creativity. Whether or not a student chooses a career in music, the benefits of learning an instrument can carry over into all areas of the student’s life and build confidence and a love of music
that will last a lifetime.

Primary Focus of Lessons

• Technique (Moeller, Gladstone)
• Rudiments
• Proper Grip (Developing a fulcrum
• Coordination (Jazz, Rock, Left Foot
  Clave, Ostinatos).    
• Reading notation for both drum
  set and rudiments or learning by ear
  if you prefer.
• Brush technique
• Learn all your favorite styles
  including rock, jazz, Latin
  blues, metal, Brazilian, Cuban,
  pop, reggae, etc.
• Cool drum fills and drum beats.
• Preparation for high school and
  college entrance auditions like
  OSCA, SOCSA, Berklee, MI,
  NEC, etc.                 
• Learning songs including favorites
  from The Beatles, The Rolling
  Stones, Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin,
  Max Roach, Green Day,
  Red Hot Chilli Peppers, One
  Direction, AC/DC, Kiss, ZZ Top,
  Eminem, Coldplay, Maroon 5, Fun,
  Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Taylor Swift,
• Soloing
• How to practice and use your time
  effectively, by setting up a
  practice routine.
• How to practice with a click.
• Most Importantly to have some fun.